Meet Evan Greene, the Greenpoint Pine! He's a tough talking Brooklyn tree brought to life through Holiday magic!

Guess who's doing his voice?

No. That was crazy. They could never afford him.

Me! I'm doing the character!

It's lots of fun to perform family friendly improv. They even let me make up the name, personality and history of Evan!

Come banter briefly with me (but keep the crowds moving, okay?) at A Frosty Fest in Uslter, NY this year! http://afrostyfest.com/

I was awarded the honor of being Best Character of 2013 at Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses! I played Hatchet Hank, a deranged hillbilly that was mutilated by a curse. It was a helluva lot of fun and I got wear professional movie-quality latex makeup and prosthetic costume effects. I also got to do a lot of improv since outdoor live performances sometimes stray from the script! ;)

I uploaded a recording of a radio comedy bit I did about a failure of a funhouse in October 2013. It's all audio, but the actual file is video because social media is mostly a pain in the ass about sharing strictly audio recordings.

It's funny! Enjoy!

I just created two new products on my Zazzle store, featuring a color digital version of my old grumpy Cthulhu sketch! The design features poor ol' Octopus head shuffling off to work in a white shirt and tie, toting a briefcase.

Text reads "The Stars were finally right...And it was a Monday!"

                            It's available on mugs and T-shirts. Click the image to visit the store.

In time for Halloween! Check out my store on Zazzle! Lots of silly cartoon monsters on Tee-Shirts, baby clothes, mugs, and stickers!


Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm back! I have been juggling several projects...one of which is the comedy improv workshop I have been running in Catskill, NY!

Check out the details on my home page!

I can also be booked for improv themed parties and team building workshops! Email me for more info on how your next event will be remembered as the time EVERYONE got into the act!
This original design is available on shirts and mugs.
Click the image to visit the store!

More designs will follow soon on the Absurd Designs page! Stay tuned!


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